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Match-Trade Technology presents:
How to Become a Forex Broker?

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    Webinar Topics

    Providing effective payment methods for your clients

    The most popular payment methods in the current Forex Market


    Forex Business Management Tools you might need

    The importance of the Forex CRM System – Client Office


    Trading Platform that will suit your business

    Features and comparison of modern platforms


    Liquidity and A-Book / B-Book models – pros and cons

    Risk Management with a Liquidity provider – profitable operating


    A Modern Website – the first thing your clients will see

    The key component and a front face of your brokerage business


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    Guide for Brokers

    Bonus Materials

    Registering for the Webinar will grant you an access to our Brochures for Startup Brokers – an in-depth explanation of how to build a Forex Brokerage Business from scratch.

    Join our webinar to learn every key aspect of building
    your own Forex Brokerage Company from scratch

    Our Host

    Sargis Manukyan – Head of Broker Solutions

    As Head of Broker solutions at Match-Trade Technologies, Sargis supports the largest brokers in the industry daily. This time, he will share his expert knowledge with people who are just planning to start their own brokerage business and would like to learn how to smoothly go through all the stages of company registration and technical business set up to optimize your operations at the very beginning and increase the chances of a quick return on investment.

    An excellent speaker who knows how to explain even the most complex issues in a clear and straightforward way.

    At Match-Trade Technologies, he is responsible for managing the Brokerage Solutions Department: introducing clients to the business and excellent customer service.

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    Brokerage Business

    If you ever wondered how to become a Forex broker, this webinar will help you understand the process of starting your own business.

    Many experienced investors, who have been operating on the Forex market for several years, are thinking about opening their own brokerage company.

    Some of them become successful to the point where they decide to expand their business with a regulated entity, and some fail – even after a great start. The success of a brokerage company largely depends on a well-thought-out action plan and careful preparation before starting running the business.

    Can brokerage company become successful at all?
    Forex company, as every other business should be customer-oriented and not focused solely on profit. The competition on the market is incredibly fierce and a Broker must make an effort to acquire and retain loyal customers.

    To register a fully functioning and potentially profitable company, you need to go through many steps, which we will help you to understand through our webinar.